Monday, May 9, 2011

The Daily Log

Ever since my first trip to Haiti in January of this year, I have been consistent in writing my key observations and our daily adventures through The Daily Log.

The daily log is something my Mom has done for ages, but we have always lovingly referred to her Franklin Covey journal as "Frank".  Throughout our childhood, many events would happen in our family and the children in unison would ask my Mom, "Are you going to write that in Frank?"

I knew this tradition had caught on when I was on a Spring Break trip my freshmen year of college.  While driving to Florida I started to keep track of everything that was happening and eventually we would all joke that we needed to "Log It!" everytime anything interesting (or uninteresting) happened.  I still have the log filled with pit stop notes, who drove when, and other tidbits that no one would care about except for those of us who went on the trip.

The reason I started writing in Haiti is because the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like months.  With so much happening it is hard to keep up and even remember all the important details.  Everyday in Haiti has been so important that we have really enjoyed looking back to see how God is working here.  From relationships formed to new opportunities presented and beyond, we have seen how God is truly watching over this project.  Haiti feels so corrupt most of the time, so to have a list of all God is doing is a great remember when things feel tough.

The following are the beginning notes of our trip to Haiti from May 3-15.  These notes were written to be brief on an iTouch, but will give you a small glimpse into all the work that has been done in developing a model community to break the cycle of physical and spiritual poverty in Haiti.

The Daily Log: May 3-9
May 3
Kendra and Johnbern picked up Emily from airport.  To Logistics Cluster - Edmondo and Victoria, IOM - Fanette and Ali for 10 possible IDP families to move to village, Shelter Cluster –Rafael (3 hour mtg), Dinner at Restaurant above grocery store

May 4
Paraguayan Base for breakfast with Captain F, Met Japan Company to escort them out to land for an assessment and to riverbed to show them where to get fill to fix the road, met up with translator Danny, meeting with Dr. B at site, spoke with Mauoleline Charles about Visa issues, dropped off translator, headed to Water Missions International - got lost, met Julio and his wife at Visa Lodge, dinner with their group from the States at Visa Lodge

May 5
To Russ and Sherry's to drop off broken generator to be fixed, long traffic down the mountain to meet Pastor Rod's group to pick up the 25 55-gallon water barrels from the house in Clercines and take them out to the land, dropped them off and moved beds, meeting with Pierre from ACTED about better temporary homes, sat and talked with Mary and Quinton from Victory Compassion in the foam house.

Met Ali and Stanley from IOM to interview families in Noallies (no-aye). Took 5 representatives and 1 committee member to see land and spoke with them individually about their situation.  Dinner at Victory Compassion near the border and spent the night.

The camp in Noailles, Croix-des-Bouquets.  People have been living in these tents for over a year.
May 6
Spent night at Victory Compassion, to land by 8:30am, Paraguayan company couldn't work on gravel because of rain, back to house in heavy traffic making calls and organizing notes. At house, hood damaged on van after trying to jump another vehicle. Took JB to ACTED meeting near Digicel HQ to see the better temporary shelters. Picked up Stanley from IOM to go to Refugee camp in CdB - got 2 ID copies of the 10, call from Handicap International to help 3 families. Dinner at UN Log Base, Amadu's for dinner - Kendra is his sister-in-law and Emily is 2nd wife? In his culture he can have 4 wives, he currently has 1. To house to bed by 10:30pm.

May 7
Up early, consolidated items in the workroom. 3 hour mtg with Dr B at Clercines Epidor- lots of possible changes and money to apply for, Kendra to Pastor Julio's wedding, Emily played with kids at house and talked to JB when he got home. Electricity finally fixed at house. Kendra ate sandwich with ants. Bed early.

May 8
Mother's Day! Up to sort final items in workroom. Lots of office work, brainstorming and organizing. Women of the house looked through the dressed donated by Kendra's Aunt's church – they loved them!
Georgina, Karina, Sienna, Deborah
Lunch in Petionville with Miss Coutard (Head Nurse from H.E.L.P.) got to know her on a very personal level (3ish hours together), to JohnBern's choir concert (he is the Director of a 60 person choir and they have been preparing since Wednesday). It was very good! To the Paraguayan base for late dinner at 8pm, back to the house and it was raining, back out after 10pm to pick up JB from the gas station at the corner because it was pouring!

May 9
At land at 7:20am to meeting Paraguayan company – 6 men spreading gravel, removed barbwire perimeter to put up chicken-like wire, the UN men would entertain the kids watching at times and brought green tea that they drank all day.

Each day, their friends would bring hot food out for them to eat lunch with us....

Water Missions International and Well guys met at our well, Handicap International brought representatives from 2 families that had good questions about a possible transition – we feel better about them then the families from the camp in Noailles, many workers/friends from HELP visited the site today.

Meeting with Dr. B about possible grant money for more permanent housing and beyond. To Victory Compassion for showers, dinner, and sleep. Emily got her nails painted with glitter by the youngest girl, Ava. Computer work and bed.

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